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Proven Results

With the experienced staff in fundraising and events and the structured business model, Along The Way Events has the proven results to make fundraising along with events successful.  Along The Way Events works with local leaders, community partners, and volunteers to make sure that all funds raised are used for the community project.

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Radcliffe, Iowa

Project: New American Legion Hall
Over $400,000 in Donations

Radcliffe American Legion Post 317 was built in 1949 after service men returned after WWII. Over the years the building has been a host to many events for the town such as weddings, graduations, reunions, and funerals to name a few. Over time, the building started to show its age. The floors and walls of the hall were cracking and starting to crumble. 

The town decided it was too costly to restore the original hall and decided on building a new hall. The goal is to raise $500,000. Along The Way Events came in and working with the town council, set up the first fundraising concert in the middle of Main Street with performances by Jason Brown and local and regional artists. The first few hours that afternoon raised over $100,000. Along The Way Events worked with the grants, sponsors, and partners to make sure this event cost the City of Radcliffe $0 and all money raised went towards the project and reaching its goal.  Following the concert, the old building was burned down as a firefighter training event.  Seven different volunteer fire departments from surrounding towns came together for the event.

The Legion Hall is Radcliffe’s Community Center. It is the place where the town gets together. The new hall is now equipped with the latest technology and can host any event or whoever needs space. The City of Radcliffe is grateful to work with Jason Brown and Along The Way Events to make this new hall a reality.


Humboldt, Iowa

Project: Save Humota Theatre
Over $50,000 in Donations

The Humota Theatre in Humboldt Iowa has been in business since 1928. It has been the entertainment center for the town of Humboldt for over 90 years. It features a 312-seat, single-screen auditorium and has hosted community events, shows, and movies.  The City of Humboldt formed a nonprofit organization to assist with saving the theatre.


The organization needed to raise funds to purchase the building and the business from private ownership. The organization also needed to raise funds for capital improvements that were needed for the building, such as a new HVAC system, a new roof, and many other infrastructure improvements. The goal was to raise $200,000.

Along The Way Events partnered with the city’s non-profit organization, Humboldt Movie Group, to create some fundraising opportunities. Along The Way Events along with the City of Humboldt decided to do a concert in the street. Jason Brown along with local and regional entertainers would perform for an all-day event. Unfortunately, it rained all day of the concert and it had to be moved indoors. The indoor venue did not allow as many people to attend and had a lot of people outside hoping to get in. People outside may not have seen the show, but they continued to donate to the project. Following the concert, a few additional events were planned to assist with reaching the goal.

Coliseum aerial

Marshalltown, Iowa

Rebuild Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Over $1,200,000 raised

The Veterans Memorial Coliseum was built in 1929. It was built to honor the residents of Marshalltown that sacrificed their time in the service of the United States.  Teh coliseum has served many roles over the years

including being a gymnasium, and the American Legion office, and today serves the City of Marshalltown’s recreational programs and community event space. The town was working on plans to renovate the coliseum when in 2018, Marshalltown was devastated by an EF-3 tornado. The Coliseum sustained significant damage.  Despite the setback, the City of Marshalltown remained committed to providing a
safe and healthy space for the community's recreational activities and community events.

Working with the City of Marshalltown, Along The Way Events planned a fundraising event including a concert in the street. Along The Way Events worked with sponsors and private contributors to raise funds for the event and provide private funding for the Coliseum. On the day of the event over $700,000 was raised towards the goal. Even though the entire City of Marshalltown saw a lot of
damage from the tornado, the City and Along The Way Events knew the significance of the Coliseum being reopened meant to the people of Marshalltown and the surrounding communities. The Veterans Memorial Coliseum reached its fundraising goal and reopened in March of 2021.

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