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What is Along The Way Events?

Along the way, we create friendships and relationships. Along the way, we see and visit many places. Along the way, we help and support each other. Along The Way Events was created with the vision of building relationships, seeing wonderful places across the country, and most of all, helping people and communities. Towns and communities across the country work to raise funds for community projects. These projects usually renovate or build something for everyone of all ages in the community such as a city park, theater, event center, or for example a high school gym.

Along The Way Events knows how important it is to a community to have these places for people to get together.  Along The Way, also knows how difficult it can be to raise the funds for these projects. Along The Way Events is the way to assist with raising the funds to complete these projects. Along The Way Events brings events such as concerts, promotions, parties, golf tournaments, and various ways to raise funds for the town.  With the support of volunteers, civic organizations, and community partners, the cost to the community is $0 

Cost to the Community: $0

Along The Way works with various grants and foundations to assist with funding projects and fundraising events. We have built relationships with many regional and national sponsors. All monies raised during the event and all donations before and after the event go directly towards community projects.

Along The Way Events Team

The team at Along The Way Events come from various areas of expertise and from different parts of the country.  No matter what state we are from or our area of expertise or background, we have one goal: Helping others... Along The Way.  

Our team of event planners each has decades of experience putting together some of the largest events in the US.  They are incredibly detail oriented.  Budgeting and profitability of an event are second nature to this team.  They understand every aspect of an event.  From site location to production to clean-up, this team is the most knowledgeable and hands-on in event planning.


The event planning team works very closely with the Along The Way production team.  The production team is one of the most experienced production teams with hundreds of years of experience combined.  The production team covers all areas of production including staging, sound, lighting, video, and numerous special effects including LEDs. confetti, laser shows, and more. 

Along The Way Events has a marketing team that works to not only market the events, but to be a partner to the sponsors, the event planners, the entertainment, and most of all, bring awareness to the projects and organizations that need support from the events.  For every project/event and marketing plan is created and discussed with everyone on the project.  We make sure to not only reach goals but exceed expectations.

Our entertainment team is one of the best groups of entertainment agents, managers, and buyers.  Our entertainment team is not only a partner with the entertainers but to the events.  They understand the needs of the event and the needs of the entertainers.  If you are looking for a street performer, stilt walker, a magic act, an acoustic duo, a jazz trio, or a celebrity such as Heather Locklear or maybe Henry Winkler or a comedian; Martin Short, or a country artist, classic rock artist, pop artist, R&B artist, or a sports celebrity, we have the connections.  We have one of the largest networks for entertainment.

We also have several Broadway; dinner theatre and variety shows available.  No matter the style of entertainment our team will go beyond the needs of the project/event.


Jason Brown
Jason Brown


January Jones
January Jones

Creative/Digital Media

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Rick Campbell


Bill Francis



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What They're Saying

"The Along The Way Event was the spark that we needed to kick off our fundraising campaign.  What a great event for the community and a wonderful way to spread the message of our project."

Heath Stolee

American Legion Commander

Radcliffe, Iowa

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