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How to Donate

Communities and fundraising organizations count on your donation to make their projects successful.   Donations are not only by donating money, but by purchasing merchandise, tickets to an event, "goodie" bags, raffle tickets; anything that contributes to the event. Remember, volunteering is donating your time.

How Donations are Handled

Ways To Donate

Along The Way Events does not handle monetary donations directly.  Monetary donations can be made directly to the project / event.  There will be a link for each project's donation listed below.  Links will be available once an event / project has donation request available.  Any information needed for tax deductible donations

Merchandise can be purchased through Along The Way Events website and at the events.  Proceeds from merchandise sales will go to the project / event.  Links to purchase merchandise will be available once the event is announced.  

Links to Projects and Donations

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